How can I reference Morphit_Pro?

If Morphit_Pro is used for a publication, please cite: Ruth Veevers, Steven Hayward, Morphing and docking visualisation of biomolecular structures using Multi-Dimensional Scaling , Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, Volume 82, 2018

What is Morphit_Pro?

Morphit_Pro uses a multigrid Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) process tailored to protein structures in order to create smooth, direct morph animations showing a path between two conformations.

What are the protein docking morphs?

The docking morphing uses the same underlying MDS morphing process as Morphit_Pro's single molecule morphs, tailored to provide visualisation of the motions involved in protein docking.

What happens to my files?

Uploaded PDB files used to generate morphs are deleted after the morph is complete. The PDB file containing the completed morph is stored to allow you to view it on the results page. If the morph is performed on PDB files from our repository (entered using PDB code) then the results will be saved in the publicly available database. If the morph is performed on uploaded files then the results will only be stored to the database if the "Include in database" option is ticked.

What are the input limits?

Jobs are performed in a queue due to limited memory available on the GPU, so there is a 30-frame limit in place to keep the queue moving quickly. Due to the memory limitations, the morph may only be run on structures containing less than 10,000 atoms, including C-alpha only morphs.